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color references

If you would like to request a certain color or finish, kindly send us a message first.

available for plywood and solid wood.

for plywood material only.

wood stain

 maple stain 

 mahogany stain 

 walnut stain 

grains are natural

"grains" are handmade 

duco + mahogany

duco + maple-oak

duco + light walnut

Basic colors.jpg
Shiny samples.jpg

basic finishes

 matte black 

 brass gold 

 rose gold 




color list 2.jpg

mint green

baby pink


olive green

baby blue 


color list 3.jpg

 b o n e 

 r u s t 

 c r e a m 

 dark gray 

 o f f w h i t e 

 l i n e n 

laminate finishes

Laminate sample.jpg

w h i t e  m a r b l e 

 g r a y  m a r b l e 

 c o n c r e t e  l a m i n a t e  

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